Visit Folly Farm Zoo

Go and enjoy Folly Farm Zoo, wonderful place to visit as an adult or child. Amazing adventures, penguin parties, lions, toddler takeovers, cwtch corners, and zoo keeper experiences are all ways to describe Folly Farm today.

Used to be a humble dairy farm to become one of the most exciting places to visit in Wales! It’s a farm and a zoo.

Recently I was able to help feed the penguins – so brilliant to be so close to the penguins. Caroline and Catrin, the main penguin keepers are so knowledgeable, helpful and you can see that they love their penguins.

Penguin keepers, Folly Farm Zoo, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Penguin keepers, Folly Farm Zoo, Pembrokeshire, Wales










The penguin chicks will also become accustomed to the water in a custom-built splash pool, as their waterproof feathers grow and they gain confidence in swimming.

They have 5 penguin chicks this year and they are all named after Disney characters – Cogsworth, Bagheera, Abu, Scuttle and Thumper, on account of his feet sticking out of the egg when he was hatching.

Flamingos, giraffes and many other animals and birds to see.

Zoo Keeper Experience for Age 8+

If you’re mad about animals or there’s an aspiring zoo keeper in your family then they’ve got the perfect present.

Their giraffe and penguin encounters lasts a minimum of 20 minutes.

You’ll get to meet the animals

Prepare their food.

Experience giraffe and penguin feeding firsthand.

You’ll also get a tour of their enclosures and have a chance to chat to the keepers…


Penguins at Folly Farm and Zoo, Pembrokeshire, Wales